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how to install jsbin in windows

14 Feb 2014

Jsbin is a jsFiddle like service. It can be installed in local, but have lot of problems in windows.

npm install jsbin -g may(must) have serval problemes, we must install it manually.

###Clone jsbin

git clone
cd jsbin

###solve sqlite compile error

#####config jsbin to use mysql adapter instead of sqlite in file config.default.json,change "adapter": "sqlite", to "adapter": "mysql", and don’t forget to edit the mysql configure below.

"mysql": {
  "host": "localhost",
  "user": "root",
  "password": "Change to your Password",
  "database": "jsbin",
  "charset": "utf8mb4",
  "collate": "utf8mb4_unicode_ci"
remove sqlite dependency

in package.json remove line ` “sqlite3”: “~2.1.19”,`

install jsbin locally

cd ..
npm install jsbin -g

fix replify bug

in your NODE_PATH find jsbin\node_modules\replify\replify.js line 94 from 96

if (err && err.code !== 'EEXIST') {
  return logger.error('error making repl directory: ' + replPath, err)

change replPath to options.replPath

init mysqldb config

cd jsbin/build
mysql -uroot -p < full-db-v3.mysql.sql

enjoy jsbin

> jsbin
Loaded custom config: Code Club World
Loaded custom config: Ember.js
Loaded custom config: Seb Lee-Delise
JS Bin v3.10.7 is up and running on port 3000. Now point your browser at http://localhost:3000
repl server error { [Error: listen EACCES] code: 'EACCES', errno: 'EACCES', syscall: 'listen' }

go to localhost:3000


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